Michael Port – Best-Selling Author, Speaker & Founder of Book Yourself Solid

Steal the Show With Your Business Stories

#37: Steal the Show With Your Business Stories

You’re on your way to getting your business story straight, but can you present it powerfully to every person you meet? Could you convey it confidently to thousands of people? In this podcast featuring Michael Port, learn how to own any room, close more pitches and convey your brand story better than ever before with actionable strategies to master your public speaking techniques.

steal-the-show-michael-portMichael Port is a speaker, best-selling author of six books, and founder of the famous Book Yourself Solid marketing system. Known for receiving the highest overall speaker ratings at conferences around the world, Michael started a podcast to help others become better presenters for any situation. 

Learn more about Michael’s work on his website and be sure to tune in to his podcast for more engaging and inspiring speaking techniques to use in your business stories.

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