Alice Heiman

#320: The Stories CEOs Are Telling That Prevent Sales

#320: The Stories CEOs Are Telling That Prevent Sales

Could you be the one preventing sales in your company?

As the CEO you hold many responsibilities for your company to succeed. And driving sales and being able to sustain your company’s growth is one of them.

But how do you grasp that opportunity for exponential growth potential? It’s all in redefining your sales strategy with these changing times so you can start having an effective sales approach that isn’t outdated and ensures you have the proper structure to get the tremendous growth you want.

Today, I’m bringing in our guest expert, Alice Heiman, who teaches companies all around the world how to elevate their sales to increase valuation for their companies with a B2B sale. Alice is a Chief Sales Energizer who spends her time strategizing with CEOs, company leaders and their sales leadership to build the strategies that find new business and grow existing accounts.

She is also the host of the popular podcast, Sales Talk for CEOs, and dedicates her time to local entrepreneurs by teaching at the University of Nevada in the entrepreneurship minor which she helped inspire. Alice also serves on the board of several growing companies to energize and elevate their sales.

When she is not guiding CEOs to elevate their sale, she loves to spend her leisure time hanging out with her family, walking, snow skiing, sailing in Lake Tahoe, volunteering in the community, or reading a book in her backyard.

Join me as Alice shares her smashing strategies on how you can start elevating your sales organization by focusing on the stories of your customers so you can sky-rocket your sales and your company’s value.


Discussed in this episode

  • How you can master the complex sale approach by shortening your sales cycle and build a sales plan that provides sustainable growth
  • What behaviors and structures you’re allowing in your business that is standing in the way of your sales progress 
  • Examples of the biggest mistakes CEOs are making today that are preventing the sales in their companies
  • What sales metrics you need to be focusing on to accelerate your revenue generator
  • How your role as CEO is an integral part of your sales strategy in ensuring you are providing the support within your business to provide an exceptional customer experience
  • The importance of creating sales messaging that answers your customer’s biggest pain point of how you are going to help them and one that is compelling and engaging to ignite conversations  


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