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Kylie Slavik, Digital Content Marketer

#149: How to Make Long-Form Story-Based Ads Work for You

#149: How to Make Long-Form Story-Based Ads Work for You

When Kylie Slavik took her first job creating an ad campaign, she had no experience in the realm of advertising. So she took her skills acquired from years of being a slam poet and created an ad the only way she knew how—she told a story.

Little did she know, that one project would end up creating over $65k in revenue for that company, launching her into a career in story-based online advertising.

Kylie Slavik calls herself an “accidental digital marketer” who has been quietly revolutionizing the way online marketing is done. She generated millions of dollars in her very first online campaign, with no previous ad writing experience. Kylie publishes stories online that are two to three times longer than most, but generate 75% conversion rates for her clients.

On today’s episode, Kylie will show you how long-form storytelling can generate millions of dollars for your clients in the fleeting online world.

In This Episode, You Will Learn

  • The ins and out of using long-form story-based ads to generate money for your clients
  • How to tap into the power of story and your “digital empathy”
  • The secret to connecting with your audience by building anecdotes
  • How to write a killer “About” page

Key Quotes

“One of the most powerful stories you can have for a brand is the origin story.” –Park Howell

“You have to lead with a story, you have to cut through the noise and create an immediate emotional connection or you’re just going to get buried in the newsfeed.” –Kylie Slavik

“People buy belief.” –Park Howell

“I could be impacting people in Dubai in my pajamas.” –Kylie Slavik

“The simplest way to tell a story is to tell a value match between your brand and your audience.” –Kylie Slavik

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