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#280: The Story Behind Successful Startups

#280: The Story Behind Successful Startups

As an entrepreneur, you probably believe that your product or service is superior to your competitor’s. And, more likely than not, you have poured countless hours, resources, and dollars into your marketing.

But if you’re communicating your features and not your benefits, you fall into the primordial muck of commoditization. Focusing on not what you make but rather what you make happen is how you turn your commodity into a meaningful movement.

In this episode, Devin Miller of Miller IP Law shares why the success behind every startup begins with their ability to inspire and create possibilities through a brand story that connects with the hearts and minds of their customers.

Discussed in this Episode

  • The people you surround yourself with maybe more important to your success than your idea for the company
  • Why customer service is your key differentiator no matter how brilliant your offering is
  • Finding your niche and why your education and degree can hold you back if you let your past define your future

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