Brian Mohr

#291: How to Use Music to Share Your Story Moments

#291: How to Use Music to Share Your Story Moments

One of the ways to trigger storied moments in your life that have shaped who you are today and what you stand for is through music – especially the artists and albums you listened to in your formative years.

And sharing those songs with people can help them better understand where you’re from and what you’re passionate about. But it isn’t just for friends; there’s also a benefit to sharing those stories with colleagues and clients.

Brian Mohr is channeling his experiences and energy towards unlocking the power of authentic human connection through his new startup, anthym, a social wellness company focused on helping culture-driven organizations create and nurture meaningful relationships amongst their people to create value for the business and the people.

How does it work? anthym can help you assemble a soundtrack of your life in an immersive, musical storytelling experience and share it with your colleagues and clients to connect scenes with stories. 

Listen as Brian shares how his new music platform enables you to capture the musical moments that trigger the stories that have shaped who you are today and how to use these moments to connect with your colleagues and clients.

Discussed in this Episode

  • How music takes us back to memories and helps us form new ones
  • Why vulnerability-based trust is critical to high-performing teams
  • How to create a sense of belonging in the workplace to drive organizational performance
  • Building meaningful connections with colleagues


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