Ron Sciarro and Paul Preston

#325: How a Story Propelled Their Brand to Market Dominance

#325: How a Story Propelled Their Brand to Market Dominance

Most executives now embrace storytelling as a powerful business tool and if you use story to communicate your authentic purpose then you will raise the perceived value of your brand.

But most brand stories fall flat because they talk about what companies make versus what they make happen in the lives of their customers, colleagues and communities they serve.

Therefore, tell your story on purpose; what you stand for that makes you stand out.  A clearly defined brand story highlights the impact and real-life transformations your business achieves for your customers. 

Two people who know a ton about creating brand attributes and narrowing your focus to key messaging are Paul Preston and Ron Sciarro, co-founders of Aqua-Tots Swim Schools. They have found huge success in propelling their brand to an international level, becoming the world’s largest swim school franchise.

Ron oversees leadership development, training and operations strategy, helping franchise owners and their senior leadership teams with the execution of franchise systems within the Aqua-Tots core values.

Paul is the president of Aqua-Tots Swim Schools Franchise Holdings, and oversees strategic planning, growth and franchise development of all Aqua-Tots openings worldwide. 

Together, they have worked alongside leaders in other industries partnering with multiple brands to create franchise opportunities, and are passionate about offering people a safe place to live out their dreams in business and in the community.

Listen as they share their remarkable brand story on how they stayed true to their core mission which allowed them to rapidly scale this dream from one pool in Tempe, Arizona to an international franchise.


Discussed in this episode

  • Why you need to stay true to your brand story and foundation to keep your team focused on your key messaging while providing clarity
  • The power of having a clearly defined story in order to draw people to your business
  • How Ron and Paul developed their brand story by focusing not on their product but the impact their product will have on their customers and their community
  • The importance of investing in the right people who share the belief in the core values of your brand and your mission to better support your business
  • Why you should be choosing relationships over profits to better serve your customers

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