Chris Nolan, Emmy Award-Winning Film Director & Brand Strategist

#138: How to Use StorySpotting™ to Create Irresistible Brand Stories

How to Use StorySpotting™ to Create Irresistible Brand Stories

For many organizations, the hardest part of telling their brand story is finding it. We experience so much every day that it’s often difficult to realize which events are the pivotal ones that define our brand’s story.

If you want to tell a fantastic story that truly connects with your customersyou have to stop looking for the story and start finding the scenes – those small moments that change everything.  

That’s why today’s episode is all about sorting the good stories from the great. 

Advertising creative director and filmmaker, Chris Nolan, shares his StorySpotting™ technique that has helped him become an Emmy Award-winning film director and brand strategist. Chris has directed brand storytelling campaigns and commercials for Fortune 100 companies, Disney and Google, and has won countless advertising awards. 

After hearing his incredible experiences and advice for becoming a storytelling master, you’ll learn how to put his StorySpotting™ technique to work for your brand today.

In This Episode, You Will Learn

  • How to use StorySpotting to create irresistible stories
  • The difference between a good story and a great story
  • How to make your story rise above the noise

Key Quotes

“Both brands and people have more stories than they think.” – Chris Nolan

“They don’t know what a story is, and they don’t know how to tell a story with a high concept, with high stakes.” – Chris Nolan

“It’s a video first world, telling stories with video is different than with written or spoken stories.” – Chris Nolan

“Don’t tell a story about your brand, tell a story about a character.” – Chris Nolan

“A lot of brands feel they need this big story to tell, and they miss the small stories that matter.” – Park Howell

“Entertain to educate.” – Park Howell

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