Matthew Woodget

#296: The T.R.I.P.S Storytelling Framework to Drive Results

#296: The T.R.I.P.S Storytelling Framework to Drive Results

Many people believe storytelling involves long-winded narratives. But brevity can be even more impactful.

Matthew Woodget shares his unique T.R.I.P.S. storytelling framework (based on his studies of the intersection of story structure) that can help your audience understand and retain your stories. He loves to use metaphors like “Story API” because he says metaphors are a shortcut to meaning. 

Matthew is a technologist, marketer, and storyteller whose marketing pedigree spans over 20 years. He heads up Go Narrative where he helps marketers and entrepreneurs reduce frustration, increase reach and drive growth using story structures. He’s a status quo challenger who is passionate about finding a better way to clarity.

Listen as he shares his expertise on how to utilize metaphors to convey big ideas and data to make your stories stand out.

Discussed in this Episode

  • the importance of metaphor both in storytelling and business and how you can use that to craft your strategic narrative in practical ways that connect with the heads and hearts of your customers
  • the connection between a strategic narrative and traditional product marketing approaches
  • how to create memory “hacks” so your audience can understand and retain your stories


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