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#231: How to Tell a Purpose-Driven Brand Story That Works

#231: How to Tell a Purpose-Driven Brand Story That Works

Many brands capitalize on appealing to consumer materialism and have immensely profited by doing so. But those days are numbered, because we are at the beginning of a major shift in regard to the needs and wants of consumers. This creates a huge opportunity for the brands that lead the change, while those that don’t may cease to exist. Therefore, learn how to harness the power of story to emerge as a leader in this new branding era.

I am privileged to introduce you to my guest Raphael Bemporad, a founding partner of BBMG, a brand social innovation consultancy driving business growth for positive impact in the world. Raphael co-authored the Pull Factor Project, a powerful new study that identifies what consumers really want from their brands. He shares powerful tips and recommendations to engage today’s consumers and foster brand loyalty.

One of the most important findings from the Pull Factor Project shows three massive cultural shifts that are happening across all generations around the world: meaning over materialism, passion over profession, and prioritizing a well-balanced life over making tons of money. And because consumer values are changing, so must the values of brands.

This calls for a new era of branding, and that branding is purpose-driven, rooted in solving for and standing for something bigger than just product and where brands and consumers together amplify impact. ~Raphael Bemporad

To find your brand’s greater purpose, you must first understand your audience’s needs, hopes, and aspirations as well as their pain points that are not yet solved, and which your brand can uniquely provide.

Brand purpose is that intersection between the deeply held needs and aspirations of your audience, meeting the unique way that you create value not only for their lives, but also for the world together. ~Raphael Bemporad

Your purpose-driven brand narrative must then communicate to your audience how you can satisfy their needs while creating a positive impact. Finally, invite costumers to make a difference with you and connect them with others that want to do the same.

Consumers are yearning for brands to invite them in, so together they can make a positive difference in the world and connect with others that share the same needs and aspirations. ~Raphael Bemporad

Discussed in this Episode

  • How to find your brand’s greater purpose
  • How to reshape and share an old story to create positive impact and change
  • Examples of brands that have positively influenced change in systems
  • How systems and stories are related and how story has the power to change systems

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