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#358: How to Use Storytelling to Recruit and Retain High Performers

#358: How to Use Storytelling to Recruit and Retain High Performers

As a leader, your goal is to recruit and retain the best talent. If you can truly believe the career stories your prospects tell you then you can confidently add the right A-players to your team. 

But you may be miss-hiring more often than not because you’re buying into the fictional story your recruit is pitching you. In fact, today’s guest suggests that more than half the time you are hearing untruths about a person’s background.

Therefore, you can attract and retain only top performers using the five simple techniques that we will explore on today’s show.

Better known as the #1 expert in the world on hiring, Brad Smart is the founder of Topgrading Inc. and author of six best-selling books on hiring. Brad completed his Ph.D. in Organizational Psychology at Purdue, worked for a firm of psychologists that assessed candidates for senior positions, and left to start what now is Topgrading, Inc. Topgrading is known for having dozens of case studies, documenting small and large companies that have tripled their success hiring high performers, A Players. 

He is recognized as an expert on hiring, having written 6 books on the subject, all bestsellers. His 7th book, Foolproof Hiring, will be released in early 2023. This book distills Brad’s experience into the 5 simplest, most effective ways to avoid costly mis-hires.

Join us as we dive deeper into these five common-sense solutions to hiring top performers to grow your business, how storytelling plays an important role in the hiring process, how to use the Truth Motivator and his amazing technique of teasing out a prospect’s origin story that reveals the truth about them.


Discussed in this episode:

  • What is the Truth Motivator and how it will identify the most honest, highest-performing applicants even before talking with them
  • How you can avoid mis-hiring your next candidate
  • Why it’s important to be targeting high performers in your job listing and how to do it right
  • How to conduct unrevealing interviews so you can get enough about a candidate to determine whether they would actually succeed in a given role
  • The power of using two interviewers for management positions
  • Why you need to stop relying on applicant tracking systems


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