Keith Quesenberry – Creative Director, Educator and Author

#12: Storytelling Wins the Super Bowl

#12: Storytelling Wins the Super Bowl

What makes a Super Bowl TV spot super? Keith Quesenberry studied over 100 commercials, and here’s what you can learn and apply from what he found about the five-act story structure.

How Data Works to Back Powerful Stories: Keith Qusenberry

Would you ever think a SuperBowl commercial could drastically improve its effectiveness by imitating Shakespearian plays? Turns out, there’s quite a bit we could learn from these classical works of a master storyteller. Our guest, a veteran in the field of brand marketing, was all but stumped by what factors caused a television spot to be successful or forgetful… until a strange thought about Shakespeare came to him in the night.

Join us today with Keith Qusenberry, author, creative director of television ads, and currently a professor of marketing at Temple University. Through his years of trial and error, success and defeats, Keith has learned the power that storytelling and conflict resolution can have on an audience. He’s here with us to pass that wisdom on to you.

Primary Points:

-Benefit of the five-part story structure

-Why a story with good values is most effective

-Importance of conflict

Key Quotes:

“Everyone would ask me, ‘what makes the good spots,’ and I kind of didn’t know!” – Keith Qusenberry

“How do you want your audience to feel?” – Park Howell

“If anyone knows marketing, you know you have no control” – Keith Qusenberry


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