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#110: Movie Storytelling Secrets to Make Your Business Presentations Epic

#110: Movie Storytelling Secrets to Make Your Business Presentations Epic

PowerPoints are a unique medium; they have the incredible ability to bore your audience to death.

Bullet points, stats, and slides with a hundred words are an effective way of putting people into a deep sleep. But what if you could make your presentation thrilling? Is it possible to channel emotions into creating a powerful visual narrative that is not only relatable, but also exciting?

Ted Frank Get To The Heart Book

Ted Frank, the author of Get to the Heart, is here to show you how movies hold the key to creating an impact in your presentations. Ted studied storytelling in Hollywood films and applied that structure to keep people’s attention and appeal to their emotions.

The title, Get to the Heart, has two meanings — getting to the heart of your message, and getting to the heart of your audience. By creating tension, dynamic shifts, and authentic storytelling, Ted has strategies every presenter and storyteller need.


In This Show, You’ll Learn

  • Telling business stories that are relatable and real in your presentations
  • The importance of creating tension with your stories and writing three key scenes to propel your audiences to action
  • The three best ways to overcome anxiety and nervousness about your presentation

Key Quotes

  • “The exact elements that make movie stories unique are the same things that are coveted in a corporate presentation; being simple, real and powerful.” Ted Frank
  • “Don’t ask yourself what you think you should show up with. Consider what your audience needs to know.” Ted Frank
  • “They may try to absorb data, but they’ve already been to three meetings today and their brains just can’t take anymore in. Just tell the story.” Ted Frank
  • “Storytelling is more important for our survival than opposable thumbs. It’s what evolved us from cavemen to consumers.” Park Howell
  • “It doesn’t matter the length of the story, the power is found in the structure.” Park Howell
  • “When I try stuff, sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t. But what always fails is not trying. You have to find the courage to try.” Park Howell

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