Kendall Haven – Story Consultant & Author

The Brain Science Behind Business Storytelling

#30: The Brain Science Behind Business Storytelling

Our brains are hardwired for story, but all stories need to first get the architecture right to make an impact. There’s a science behind the communication of storytelling, and professional Story Consultant Kendall Haven joins the Business of Story podcast to share how we can persuade, teach and inspire through proven storytelling techniques. 

Story-Smart-Kendall-Haven-BookWhat makes a story memorable? Kendall’s most recent book, Story SmartUsing the Science of Story to Persuade, Influence, Inspire, and Teach, includes insight from studies where brain activity, physical effects, and chemical changes were measured while people listened to variations of a story. These studies and insights guide us in mastering the art of effective engagement and communication.

Kendall is a senior research scientist turned award-winning author, speaker, and master storyteller, and you can read more about his work on his website KendallHaven.com. Listen to his business storytelling expertise on his Business of Story podcast.

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