Zeke Zelker, Filmmaker and Transmedia Pioneer

#185: How to Grow Your Brand via Transmedia Storytelling

#185: How to Grow Your Brand via Transmedia Storytelling

The way we typically consume stories is how they are told — starting from the beginning to the finale. But it’s important to realize that not all stories are linear. Therefore, on this week’s show, we’re exploring a non-linear approach to telling stories using a variety of media channels to scale the same story.

But the concern is if we tell the same story from a non-linear approach framed with different perspectives and media, will it be as effective? We’ll get the answer straight from the man who pioneered transmedia storytelling, otherwise known as “Cine Experiences”, Zeke Zelker.

Zeke Zelker is an award-winning filmmaker who produced the first transmedia project, Pandemic, at the Sundance Film Festival. His current project, Billboard, goes beyond any movie experience as it is aired in a multitude of ways via different platforms.

“Learn how to succeed by learning as you go.” —Zeke Zelker

Billboard is first featured in social media, then segues to live events and eventually evolves into a web series. Finally, it turns into a feature film, then a game, while different brands get to ride along the myriad events and utilize these platforms to showcase their own brand stories.

In this week’s episode, Zeke will share how his childhood experiences growing up in an amusement park shaped his unique perspective for transmedia storytelling. Through this approach, you can also co-create and tell a story creatively that’s completely different from how other brands are doing it.

“Take your ego out and listen to your audience. Test things, break things, make things.” —Zeke Zelker

As he relives the three major lessons he learned growing up in a Pennsylvania amusement park, Zeke shares his four phases of creation, which you can use as a guide to create your own brand stories through transmedia storytelling.

Topics Discussed in this Episode

  • What is Cine Experiences or transmedia storytelling
  • How does media affect the success or failure of your brand
  • Different ways transmedia storytelling can help your brand generate profit
  • Major lessons Zeke learned from his amusement park days and the 4 phases of creation

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