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#337: How to Turn Turmoil Into Triumph With Your Story

#337: How to Turn Turmoil Into Triumph With Your Story

We all walk a fine line between order and chaos. That’s life. We build success through our education and mastery of a subject, but we also have to keep one foot in chaos because that is where change occurs both positive and negative.

So how would you react if you were at the top of your game and then out of nowhere, at a young age, you were fallen by a stroke?

The order of your world plunged into chaos. What if you were told you’d never walk or talk again? What if the story everyone was telling you was that command over your life was essentially over?

Rewiring the Mind in Virtual Reality from Parker Howell on Vimeo.

That’s what happened to Sean Entin. He was a successful entrepreneur in Southern California financing sustainable residential housing following the global recession in 2008. He also was one of the first business managers to represent Mixed Martial Arts stars like Dan Henderson as the fledgling MMA industry grew.

Sean combined his love for business and MMA to help Navy Seals transition into a more normal life in the states. Suddenly in November of 2011, at 39 years old, it all came crashing down. Sean, during a training session, was caught in a chokehold that severed his carotid artery. This led to a stroke.

He was induced into a coma for 10 days and survived several surgeries. The story doctors told Sean is that he would never speak, walk or live a normal independent life again. 

But Sean wanted to live into a more powerful story, turning his adversity into triumph. It has been 10 years since he had his stroke and he not only regained his independence during his recovery process but is also a Survivor Coach, podcast host and founder of StrokeHacker.com, a community that helps stroke survivors recover from their brain injuries and regain their independence.

Join us as Sean shares how he created his own way of neurohacking by learning how the brain works and what it takes to make it better, the mantra that helped him through the most difficult times in his life and how he turned his turmoil story into triumph where he now inspires others to realize that they too, can achieve the unbelievable.


Discussed in this episode 

  • How every adversity has a benefit
  • Thy food is thy medicine: Reinforcing the brain with a new mindset, uplifting mantras and a positive attitude
  • Moving away from flight and flight mode and learning to slow down, rest and pause
  • Finding a sense of understanding, kindness, compassion and learning to be whole and complete just the way you are
  • Being bold in the face of uncertainty and knowing your struggles develop your strength


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