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#150: What You Can Learn From Red Bull’s Virtual Reality Storytelling

#150: What You Can Learn From Red Bull’s Virtual Reality Storytelling

Nowadays, it seems like our world is bursting at the seams with new technologies. Virtual reality is one of the newest cutting-edge technologies to come onto the scene. But virtual reality spans far beyond putting on a pair of goggles and watching a video. Because, when used correctly, it can completely transform the way you tell your brand’s story.

Red Bull VR brand storytelling Music video

Red Bull is one of the most well-known brands when it comes to storytelling. The company continues to push the envelope with their content creation, recently releasing the first ever stereoscopic, 360 first-person VR music video featuring pop star New Zealand pop star, Villette, singing her new single, Money.

Now this show is a special one — we have the director of Money, Parker Howell, a guy you have no doubt heard me reference many times on the Business of Story as our son.

Parker is an award-winning virtual reality filmmaker and director of Red Bull’s first stereoscopic first-person VR music video. On this show, Parker shares his experience in dimensional storytelling and how to push the envelope with your brand storytelling.

In This Episode, You Will Learn

  • The art of pushing the envelope with your brand storytelling
  • How to find a niche that plays to your strengths
  • What really goes into creating a virtual reality video

Key Quotes

“Be conscious of where you want the audience’s focus to be, so that you can guide them on that journey.” –Parker Howell

“Don’t let the technology overtake the storytelling.” –Park Howell

“Without a good story structure, the rest of it is sort of just gimmick.” –Park Howell

“It does come down to a good story.” –Parker Howell

“You almost have this threshold that you enter when you put that headset on.” –Parker Howell

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