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#191: How to Wake the World With Your Purpose-Driven Brand Story

#191: How to Wake the World With Your Purpose-Driven Brand Story

You hold the power to create the life you want. But the world has become so chaotic and so full of noise it’s difficult to distinguish your own authentic story from the story the world is telling you. Therefore, it is important to pause and take a journey back to awaken the aliveness that is sleeping within you through the power of a purpose-driven brand story.

Eighteen years ago, Chad Gabriel started out as a webmaster for Tuthill and eventually moved up the leadership ladder to his current role as Sherpa of Purpose an ambassador of the company’s mission to wake the world. He is also the host and narrator of a documentary series, “The Search for Aliveness” where he features incredible, real-life stories from different people from all over the world, talking about their distinct views on what makes them feel alive.


On this week’s show, Chad will share his team’s insights learned from creating a documentary series on aliveness and how we can wake up to our world and the life we truly were meant to live.

As Tuthill says, “Aliveness is an energy, a belief and a way of life that brings passion to everything we do. It exists in everyone, everywhere. As children, we imagined we could do or be anything, but as we grow and learn many of us are conditioned to believe that the aspirations we had are impossible, dimming our spark and losing the chance to live the life we were born to live.”

Chad will inspire you to look within yourself and silence the negative stories you used to believe in. Through this, you can reveal your true purpose and use it to direct yourself along the path where you can start living the life you want to live.

“The fruits are in the roots.” —Chad Gabriel

By discovering your purpose, you can invigorate stories of passion and aliveness in your brand and translate that passion into the work that you do, to the people you work with and into the products and services that you offer.

Listen to this week’s episode to start waking the world with your purpose, with your aliveness, and with your authentic brand story.

“People can create the lives they want to live through awareness and choice.” —Chad Gabriel

Topics Discussed in this Episode

  • The role of storytelling in the search for aliveness
  • How do we define our purpose
  • How you can go for the No’s and overcome them through Aliveness
  • What “showing up” really means
  • How you can onboard your leadership team into communicating and living up to your company’s purpose

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