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#284: How to Tell the Story of What You Stand For

#284: How to Tell the Story of What You Stand For

If you and your brand stand for something great, then it’s essential that you share it with the world – because the impact you can have is immeasurable. 

But many leaders think they are telling the story of what they stand for, when actually they are just murmuring general thoughts and facts. When this happens, your audience disconnects, your leadership becomes listless, and your presentations come across as mundane. Even worse, your brand will be viewed as a commodity, unremarkable, and unmemorable.

To avoid such insignificance, Brian Burkhart, founder and chief word guy of Square Planet Presentations + Strategy and best-selling author of Stand for Something: The Power of Building a Brand People Authentically Love, shares how you can deliver iconic presentations that tell the story of what you and your brand stand for.

Discussed in this Episode

  • The three big questions from Brian’s book that every professional should ask themselves
  • How you can determine what you and your organization believe and then how to unearth stories to validate it
  • Why being “everyone to everybody” is a disservice to yourself, your organization, and your customers and what we can learn from McDonald’s mistakes in doing so
  • The three pillars of public speaking that must be present to be a persuasive speaker
  • How Bryan has worked through challenges brought on by COVID, including losing 8 million dollars in bookings over the course of 11 days

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