Jeff Friedman & Joelle Prochera

#218: You Never Know Where Your Story Will Take You

#218: You Never Know Where Your Story Will Take You

When was the last time you dreamt about turning your hobbies or interests into a career? But, how many of you shied away due to fear and uncertainty? In this episode, you will learn how one couples’ courage to follow a passion has not only brought them success, but more importantly shapes an imperative story that will impact future generations.

Jeff Friedman is the co-owner and captain at Maya’s Legacy Whale Watching and his wife, Joelle, is a certified professional life and business coach and expert facilitator. Originally from Ohio, neither had envisioned they would move to the San Juan Islands in Washington, but Jeff always had an admiration for whales and whale conservation. So when the opportunity was presented to make his interest into a career, the couple bravely took it.

And answering that call for adventure has created a very significant ripple effect.

This is a story of passion, and once you find what you are really passionate about, the road opens. ~Jeff Friedman

Today, the couple does much more than just take guests on whale-watching tours; they provide a voice for the voiceless. For example, the Southern Resident Killer Whales are fish-eating orcas whose diet consists heavily of Chinook salmon. But the salmon population is declining due to human activities such asover-fishing, destruction of spawning habitats, creation of dams, etc. And because of that, these orcas have become endangered and are at risk of extinction.

By educating guests on the challenges the whales face, their guests are often inspired to play a role in shaping the outcome of this story.

We make better futures for whales by creating more whale people. ~Jeff Friedman


Discussed in this Episode

  • How to create your meaningful life story
  • The role courage plays in any story
  • How a story well told can create lasting impacts
  • How to use the power of story to uncover and fuel a passion

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