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#1: Winning the Story Wars

#1: Winning the Story Wars

It’s not uncommon for a million dollar advertising campaign to go unnoticed, while a simple home-made YouTube video made in just a few hours can reach over five hundred million views. That must so be infuriating for these companies! You might think a big budget and high-quality production is what gets the best response, but our guest today is living proof that’s not the case!

Join us this week with critically acclaimed Jonah Sachs of Free Range Studios, creator of The Story of Stuff. Since 1999, Jonah has helped pioneer brand storytelling techniques, and have achieved monumental success even with low budget productions. 

Tune in today to find out the power of creating a narrative whose hero is not your product, but the consumer. Jonah Sachs is an expert in the art of brand marketing and is here to give some incredible insight into how you can win the story wars.

In This Show, You’ll Learn

  • What changes are happening in the world of advertising
  • How to put a customer in the center your brand narrative
  • How storytelling works best with people’s values

Key Quotes

  • “When you tap into people’s sense of meaning you can have the tools of broadcasting without paying anything.” – Jonah Sachs
  • “I’m not the hero of this story… you are.” – Jonah Sachs
  • “It’s not how funny you can be, it’s not about your design is, it’s about how great your story is.” – Jonah Sachs
  • “The old style of advertising is based on the lowest values.” – Jonah Sachs

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