Lisa Cron – Author of Wired for Story

#10: Your Audience is Wired for Story

#10: Your Audience is Wired for Story

How to harness your storytelling superpower

Storytelling is the closest thing to magic that humans have developed. The ability to transfer a thought or emotion from one brain to another, to transfer that through hundreds of generations of people, even once the original story teller is long dead, is an incredibly powerful force.

This superpower we have, the power gained merely through writing pages in a book or relating one’s experiences to another, is baffling and marvelous and there are no other species that use this ability. Storytelling is the force that made humans what they are today; there would be no language without stories, no societies without empathy and understanding, and no progress without collaboration through similar experiences.

Our guest today, Lisa Cron, author of Wired for Story and Story Genius, has worked for years with writers, educators and nonprofit organizations to help strengthen their messages through the magic of storytelling narratives.

Humans need storytelling just like they need food and water. Find out how to harness your superpower on this episode of Business of Story.


Primary Points

How stories can make someone live another person’s experiences

Why stories are the primary method of communication

What effect does a narrative has on a person’s mind


Key Quotes

“Story is story, regardless of format.” – Lisa Cron

“Emotion is how we make every decision.” – Lisa Cron

“Story isn’t a way to communicate: story is THE way to communicate.” – Lisa Cron


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