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The Business of Story podcast, hosted by Park Howell,  is one of the top brand storytelling podcasts for story marketers with downloads topping 220,000 on iTunes alone, and tens of thousands more on Stitcher

Each episode brings you the brightest content creators, advertising creatives, authors, screenwriters, makers, marketers, and brand raconteurs that show you how to make your story marketing standout. 

Guests include: Robert McKeeDon YaegerJohn Yorke, Jen Grisanti, Pat Solomon, Jay Baer, Nancy Duarte & Patti SanchezMichael MargolisMichael HyattMargaret Hartnell, Michael Hauge, Dick OrkinBrian PalermoDr. Randy OlsonMichael PortBryan Kramer and more.

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Greg Head - CEO of Greg Head Consulting

How to Focus Your Story to Grow Your Business

How to Focus Your Story to Grow Your Business

It’s often thought that keeping a business’s focus more general is a positive way to stay open to more business. But in reality, generalizing actually weakens your brand story. Learning how to be super focused and specific in your brand story’s unique offering will help strengthen your messaging, grow your business, and bring success to your brand.



Michael Davis - Founder of Speaking CPR

Get Vulnerable in Your Stories to Set Your Presentations on Fire

Get Vulnerable in Your Stories to Set Your Presentations on Fire

When creating presentations to communicate data within your organization, it can be tempting to focus on just the data and perhaps try and fit too much into one talk. But learning how to trim down to one central theme and use genuine stories is critical to a successful presentation of data, as this narrative will help you connect with your audience and get your message heard.

Today’s guest got his start in storytelling by nearly being fired for his lack of telling stories. In fact, he points to a moment when he was in the first grade that kept him from using stories in his career for many decades. This fear was almost fatal to his work in the financial services world, yet now, he teaches people around the world how to use storytelling to connect with audiences and move them to action. (more…)

How-to-Call-Your-Audience-to-Action-Through-Storytelling-Joel-Bach-Brand- Story-Character

Joel Bach - Co-Creator and Executive Producer of Years of Living Dangerously

How to Call Your Audience to Action Through Storytelling

How to Call Your Audience to Action Through Storytelling

Sometimes our stories have a call to action attached to them, and we hope to inspire our audience into shifting their lives. But creating such a compelling argument can be intimidating. Using story techniques like robust characters, high stakes, and uncertain outcomes can help entice audiences, improve your brand story, and drive change.

Joel Bach is the Creator and Executive Producer of National Geographic’s Years of Living Dangerously. It is a TV show about the impacts of climate change. Joel and his team investigate how the world has been negatively affected by our warming planet, how soon permanent changes might happen, and what we can do to stop it. Their goal is to entertain, educate and engage through sustainable storytelling.  (more…)


Janine Kurnoff - Founder of The Presentation Company

How to Plan Your Presentations for Effective Results

How to Plan Your Presentations for Effective Results

We all want to be compelling storytellers and create memorable presentations, but sometimes it’s difficult to make business data compelling. Investing in a few planning steps and letting yourself practice storytelling techniques can help you craft more authentic, compelling, and effective business presentations based on your available data.

Today we have a specialist with us. Her name is Janine Kurnoff. She and her sister, Lee Lazarus, run the Presentation Company. They’ve been doing amazing presentation work for the likes of Apple, Facebook, Pepsi, Cisco, and Hewlett-Packard, among others. Janine is on the show today to take us through what goes into creating a terrific presentation and where to find your stories. How can you have a very dedicated approach to practicing storytelling so that you get better with every presentation you make? (more…)


Nick Gray - Founder of Museum Hack

How to Bring Adventure To Your Brand Through Storytelling

How to Bring Adventure To Your Brand Through Storytelling

Reaching out to younger generations can be perilous, and it’s easy to get stuck relying on your same old techniques. But disruption of the status quo can help revamp your storytelling in a compelling way that brings adventure to your brand. That’s why it’s worthwhile to try breaking some rules and shaking up your brand story with some new techniques that focus on the full experience of your customers. (more…)


Gabriella Mirabelli - Founder of Anatomy Media

How to Create Stories to Engage Millennials With Your Brand

How to Create Stories to Engage Millennials With Your Brand

Understanding the younger generations can be challenging. We all want to attract the younger crowd to our brands, but how do we create content that allows millennials and beyond to come to us?

We have a really fascinating show for you today. It’s all about millennial marketing and how to use storytelling to connect with the millennial world. (more…)

How-to-Make-Amazing-Videos-to-Tell-Your-Brand-Story-Julian-Mather-Magic-Video-marketing-story marketing videos

Julian Mather - Founder of Tailor Made Career

How to Make Amazing Story Marketing Videos for Your Brand

How to Make Amazing Story Marketing Videos for Your Brand

You don’t have to go any further than Facebook Live to know that story marketing videos are all the rage. And it’s a storytelling trend that is growing exponentially.

While it can be intimidating to enter into this new world of visual storytelling, there are many easy steps you can follow to make fantastic videos without spending lots of money. (more…)


Jayde Lovell - Founder & CEO at ReAgency

Survival of the Fittest: The Evolution of Story Marketing

Survival of the Fittest: The Evolution of Story Marketing 

How is your story marketing evolving?

Most of us are not hunting our food and fighting for our shelter, but there is one thing we’ve continued to do since the time of cave dwellers: we tell stories. Stories are not only what make us human. Storytelling is our most important survival tool.

Today’s guest, Jayde Lovell, is an award-winning neuroscientist and founder of ReAgency, the only P.R. firm specializing in science storytelling. Plus, Jayde has a popular video show on the Young Turks Network Called SciQ where she covers science through storytelling.  (more…)


Michael Gerber - Founder & Author at Michael E. Gerber Companies

How to Wake Up Your Inner Entrepreneur

How to Wake Up Your Inner Entrepreneur

Sometimes your biggest obstacle in entrepreneurship is yourself. Wanting to be practical and realistic is helpful, but is often a roadblock to incredible success. The fantastic thing is that by expanding your inner story, you have the opportunity to unlock the hidden potential in yourself and your company. Our special guest on this episode will provide some insight to help you do just that. (more…)

Business-of-story-Rewrite-Inner Story-Can-Change-the-World-Samantha-Bennett-creativity-organization

Samantha Bennett - Founder of The Organized Artist Company

How Rewriting Your Inner Story Can Change the World

How Rewriting Your Inner Story Can Change the World  

You want to be both creative and organized, and all the conventional wisdom out there says that is just not possible. But your inner story still wants to be heard and that voice inside you is right; you can be creative and get things done. By listening to your inner voice, you can cultivate the most supportive and successful story that will help you accomplish your goals and change your story to a fulfilling one for you and your brand. (more…)