Welcome to the first issue of the new bi-monthly Business of Story magazine. Our contributors will help you clarify your brand story to rise you above your competition and attract your right customers.

#97: How to Play Bigger And Dominate a Category With the Brand Story You Own

#97: How To Play Bigger And Dominate A Category 

Most people believe that the best product wins. That used to be true when consumers had fewer choices. But today we have abundant competing products and services. Therefore, defining a new and unique category for your offering is what will separate you from your competition and ensure your survival. (more…)

Growing from Startup to Scale-Up

Starting a business has never been easier, but growing a startup and scaling it to become a big business is harder than ever. Most who try get stuck or hit…

Greg Head

Don’t Invent Your Story, Spotlight it!

As a brand creator, I talk with a lot of entrepreneurs who are worried and lost when it comes to thinking about using their story to grow their business. They…

Annie Franceschi

How to Create Your Personal Brand Story to Grow Your Business

I’ve learned the importance of creating my personal brand story when I launched my own consultancy a decade ago. I had led new business for a number of advertising agencies…

Michael Gass

4 Easy Steps to Clarify Your Brand Position Statement

Every epic brand story starts with a positioning statement that differentiates you from the masses Leo Tolstoy, the famous Russian author, wrestled with the existential crisis of finding meaning in…

Park Howell

Brand Story Reframing: From Water Utility to Experts at Scarce Resource Management

The first step in the Story Cycle brand authoring process is to establish your backstory: the setting of your story. We ask three questions to spark conversation what your brand’s…

Park Howell
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