How to craft your brand's unique value proposition to define and defend your competitive advantage

Business is tough. You may be the best in your market, but if you don't have a defined unique value proposition (UVP), watch out. Your competitors that do will topple you.

This issue focuses on how to craft a unique value proposition (UVP) that separates you from your competition, amplifies your impact and simplifies your life. It's another example of how we deliver on our UVP at the Business of Story: Sharing the applied science and bewitchery of business storytelling to help you nudge the world in any direction you choose.

Let the magic begin...

Unique value proposition, brand strategy, positioning

#65: Why Conflict Resolution is at the Center of Compelling Brand Storytelling

#65: Why Conflict Resolution is at the Center of Compelling Brand Storytelling

You can use business storytelling to give people a reason to make a behavior change and to do that, you’ve just got to give customers an emotional reason to do something. But it can be difficult for us, as marketers, to get out of our business minds and into our emotional brain. Therefore, we can apply some of the best storytelling ideals from the comic book industry to humanize and have more fun with our marketing content and nudge the world in any direction we choose. (more…)

Business storytelling, brand storytelling and your unique value propostion

How to Live by Your Unique Value Proposition

Sometimes a facepalm just doesn’t do some mistakes justice. I recently presented to an enterprise customer. He is the ideal candidate for our product and services. I spent several days…

Sean Schroeder
Unique value proposition, brand positioning, brand storytelling

How to Grow Your Business Without Changing Who You Are

Why do people respect some brands more than others? Why are some businesses consistently busy, while others flounder? In today’s crowded marketplace, it might seem impossible to get your message…

Sally Hogshead

How Story Shapes Help You Share Your Unique Value Proposition

Stories are powerful tools that can trigger responses both neurologically and physically in us. They’re mechanisms for communicating meaning which are easily recalled and shared. That’s why stories have been used to…

Nick Westergaard

3 steps to creating a powerful value proposition for your purpose-driven brand

What B2B marketers can learn from Hollywood B2C value propositions All business leaders and communicators have important brand stories to tell. But most aren’t being heard, especially in your B2B…

Park Howell

How Brand Storytelling Helped BROKK Demolish its Competition

Make your brand story your customer’s story “He wanted to take his clothes off and rub his naked body all over the demolition robot.” That is the story Mike Martin shared with…

Park Howell
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