The best customer journeys are measured by success milestones. But marketers sometimes overlook the small victories to build brand loyalty. This issue will show you how to celebrate all wins with your audiences.

Each step in your customer engagement, from brand awareness to adoption to appreciation, presents opportunities to celebrate progress and success with your audiences. But we're often focused on the big wins. Now you can learn from some of the top minds how to design success milestones into your Road of Trials leading to chapter 8 of the Story Cycle System™ called, Victory is at Hand!

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#89: Why You Must Move from Adverbs to Adventures in Your Storytelling Marketing

#89: Why You Must Move from Adverbs To Adventures In Your Story Marketing

Your customers don’t want to hear about what you make. They want a story about what you make happen. That’s why Robert Rose urges you to transform your marketing department into a storytelling department. Turn your adverbs and adjectives into adventures in your story marketing to move your audiences to action. 


Three Reasons Why You Should Celebrate (and the Real Reason You Don’t)

“So when do we celebrate?” I know what you’re thinking, “Celebrate? We don’t have time to celebrate. We’re too busy getting things done.” But this is among the most important…

Andrew Robinson
Brand storytelling, customer journey and business leadership storytelling

How to Deliver a Winning Customer Experience

What does success look like in your customer journey? That’s a question that can have two sides, and perspectives to it – yours, and the customers. However, there is common…

Greg Chapman
Brand storytelling and customer journey mapping

6 Brand Story Actions That Build Make-Mom-Proud Companies

Throughout this book, you will be receiving what I found to be a constant source of joy: learning about actions, often bravely undertaken, that elevate companies, and forge genuine and…

Jeanne Bliss
9 Brand Storytelling Words That Create Customer Engagement

9 Brand Storytelling Words That Create Customer Engagement

What are the brand descriptors that become the thematic milestones for successful customer engagement? In chapter 8 of the Story Cycle System™, we have you focus on designing success milestones…

Park Howell

Creating a Brand Personality to Make Debate Cool Again

The power of brand storytelling on the national stage Whether you like him or not, Donald Trump is the supreme storyteller; the Brander in Chief. He keeps it simple: “America…

Park Howell
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Mapping Your Customer's Journey Worksheet

The customer journey is a three-act story. Map it out with this free worksheet.

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