Issue III: What’s at Stake? / April 3rd, 2018
What do your customers really want from you and your purpose-driven brand?

When we buy, we often think we're fulfilling a physical need. But more often than not we're purchasing for a psychological want. In this issue, you will learn from some of the top minds in marketing about the importance of knowing what's at stake for your customers relative to your product or service and how you can help them get what they really want.

Purpose-driven brand storytelling is about what's a stake for the customers.

#95: The Power of the Parable for Your Business

#95: The Power of the Parable for Your Business

What if I were to tell you that the most crucial aspect of a successful business was not actually profit? Would you be willing to believe that a key ingredient in a booming, high-profit organization was giving, and not receiving? (more…)

Understanding Your Business Narrative, so Customers Know Where They Fit

This time last week I was on stage with Elton John. On. The. Freakin’. Stage. To put the excitement I felt then, & still feel now, into context: I’ve seen Sir…

Cassie Roma

Finding Your Competitor Differentiation Story

How is your business different from your competitors? One of the things I learned from interviewing dozens of professional buyers was that they think competitors (in just about every space)…

Paul Smith

Your Internal Story Shapes Your Brand Success

We all know that it takes a compelling story to stand out in a crowded marketplace and attract ideal clients. But what happens when your internal story doesn’t match your…

Melanie Benson

Does Your B2B Marketing Deliver on What Your Customers Really Want?

How to align your business goals with your customer wants and needs in your professional services firm brand stories I was tucked back stage in the ballroom of the Dallas Hilton…

Park Howell

How To Create a Compelling Brand Story for Your Startup

All successful startups that dominate their markets begin with defining their brand story strategy. Late in 2016, three successful families that own and operate numerous Massage Envy, Amazing Lash and…

Park Howell
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