Find your brand story, and then place your customers at the center of it. Ardath, Pam, Tamsen, Joshua and I will show you ways to shine the spotlight on the true heroes of your story – your peeps.
Business storytelling, brand story, storytelling speaker, customer personas

#25: Who’s Your Hero? Creating Customer Personas for Your B2B Marketing

#25: Who’s Your Hero? Creating Customer Personas for Your B2B Marketing

Spoiler alert: The hero in your business stories is not you, your brand or its products and services. It’s your customer. They should be at the center of every brand story you tell. (more…)

Business storytelling, brand storytelling, content marketing, international brand stories

How to Find the Story in Your Story

Enjoy the adventure of your craft I was pretty fearless in my teens and twenties. I figured out how to get myself to Switzerland as an exchange student at sixteen,…

Pam Slim
Brand storytelling, customer personas, business storytelling, storytelling speaker

Who are You For in Your Brand Story?

No, really — who are you for? (And before you get all fidgety about “who” versus “whom,” I know it’s “whom.” But few of us talk like that in real…

Tamsen Webster
Business storytelling, leadership storytelling, storytelling speakers.

How to Build Empathy in Your Leadership Stories

Business storytelling is about more than just engaging and captivating You want to help your customers, employees, and other stakeholders. You want to tell stories to influence, motivate, and lead.…

Joshua Spodek

10 surefire questions to ask when creating audience personas for your purpose-driven brand

Every story starts with empathy I love Jack Handey. His Deep Thoughts from Saturday Night Live always cracked me up. I came across the one above last week while reading Originals, How Non-Conformists…

Park Howell

What happens when you place your audience at the center of your brand story

Madcap Theater in Tempe, AZ now knows that the best brand stories always star the audience. This fun Friday evening word of mouth marketing stunt made a fashion runway out of a sidewalk…

Park Howell
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