This issue is dedicated to helping you – and the people you help – overcome the rollercoaster of life to make you their go-to brand

You know how it is. When you want something you go after it. But the universe always pushes back. Sends you on a thrill ride just to see how bad you want it. These obstacles and antagonists can derail some people and some companies. But the most resilient brands know the Jui Juitso of putting adversity to work for them. We'll show you how in this issue.

#22: How to Use Adversity to Your Advantage With Your Brand Storytelling

#22: How to use Adversity to Your Advantage With Your Brand Storytelling

How to Create a Brand Story Customers Will Root For

Everyone knows that audiences love a good story of the underdog. And most people, whether they are willing to admit it or not, have some sort of underdog story. And if you are willing to take that “all is lost” story and embrace it, you may just be able use it to your advantage.


How Resilient Brands Use Story to Transform Setbacks into Comebacks

It starts with a catastrophe, a plot twist we never expected. Maybe something big, so big it makes the news. An act of war or terrorism, a natural disaster. Or maybe something more…

Sandra Younger
Unsafe Thinking book on brand strategy and innovation

Prepare to Overcome Naysayers on Your Creative Journey

Marissa Meyer didn’t just dislike the idea. She thought it was downright creepy. Yet there was something creepily brilliant about what Paul Buchheit had just suggested.   For years, Buchheit had been working on a…

Jonah Sachs
Brand strategy, leadership communications and business storytelling

How to Communicate Your Business Strategy More Effectively

All great business strategy narratives are an answer to some adversity Steve Jobs bounces onto the stage and grabs the slide changer from a colleague with a friendly, ‘Thanks Scott.”…

Shawn Callahan

What are the Villains, Fog and Crevasses in Your Personal or Professional Brand Story?

3 antagonists you must vanquish for successful B2B marketing The conference room at the Sheraton LAX was cold as a morgue.  Two hundred screenwriter wannabes sat like zombies enraptured by Robert McKee. After all, he…

Park Howell
Brand story strategy, category design, brand positioning

How to Dominate a Market Category With Your Brand Origin Story

The power of a brand origin story to define and defend a unique market category He came home following another day of delicate surgeries to find his young wife collapsed…

Park Howell
Business Storytelling Tool

The 5 Stages of Grief in Telling YOUR Business Story

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5 stages grief telling business stories workbook
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