Building a successful brand requires happy customers. But most marketers focus on short-term sales rather than nurturing long-term relationships. This issue shows you how to turn brand romance into lasting devotion.

Your customer's road from brand awareness through adoption to appreciation is filled with trials and triumphs. But as with any successful journey, you need a plan. Who is the focus of your story? What brand experiences must you anticipate to avoid missteps? How can you turn an angry customer into an ally? When are you providing delightful moments that get people telling your story? Where do you begin?

Your journey starts right here, right now with some of the best customer service minds in the business as your guides.

Brand storytelling for customer engagement and word of mouth marketing

How to Combine the Science of Data with the Art of Storytelling to Create Meaningful Customer Experiences

#52: How to Combine the Science of Data with the Art of Storytelling to Create Meaningful Customer Experiences

How well do you understand your customers’ journeys? The secret lies in the data your business has on your customers. Greg Chapman, co-founder of The Pocket Suite, joins us on this Business of Story podcast to share how to understand and map out our customers’ buying journeys through data. (more…)

Using Journey Maps to Tell the Customer’s Story

Stories are a wonderful communication and teaching tool. They allow you to deliver a message that engages your audience, helps them understand what’s in it for them, and, hopefully, inspires…

Annette Franz
Brand storytelling designing your customer journey for word ofmouth marketing

The Benefits of Handling Customer Complaints

I love my mom. But when she tells me I’m the smartest, most talented person in the world, I realize she might be a bit biased. I appreciate a regular…

Jay Baer
Brand storytelling, customer journey, talk triggers

How Talk Triggers Ignite Your Story Marketing

What are talk triggers, and how can your brand leverage them to create buzz? Have you ever eaten at The Cheesecake Factory? If so, you might immediately find yourself pondering…

Daniel Lemin

The 3 Crucial Mile Markers to get Customers to Buy Into Your Brand Story

The customer journey map of brand awareness, adoption and appreciation. All lasting brands are built by creating happy patrons, and mapping your customer journey is an important process to build…

Park Howell
Brand storytelling, leadership storytelling, Avantpage

Brand Storytelling Spurs 30% Increase in New Business for Avantpage

The ROI of a crystal clear brand story In 1973, Luis Miguel traveled from his home in Mexico City to the Ozark Mountains in Missouri for summer camp. It was…

Park Howell
Business Storytelling Tool

Mapping Your Customer's Journey Worksheet

The customer journey is a three-act story. Map it out with this free worksheet.

Brand story strategy customer journey mapping
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