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#217: 10 Stories Purpose-Driven Leaders Tell

#217: 10 Stories Purpose-Driven Leaders Tell

The success of any organization depends on its leader’s ability to motivate and move the group towards achieving its goals. But in order for their motivation to be truly effective, leaders need a compelling approach. Learn how the best leaders utilize 10 specific stories to amplify their influence and success.

Paul Smith, author of The 10 Stories Great Leaders Tell, joins us to explain how these stories help you to grow your influence, people and advance your goals. Paul’s expertise comes from working with hundreds of leaders who have all realized that story is their most powerful tool in business, but need help developing their storytelling ability. Through the process, Paul has seen many leaders revolutionize their capabilities using the same 10 potent stories.

The purpose of these ten stories is to provide clarity for your employees regarding the breadth and complexity of why you lead the way you do and to help them understand the type of leader you are. They are then able to determine what kind of leadership to expect from you. ~Paul Smith

All ten stories serve a particular leadership purpose and are unique to the storyteller. In order to develop them, Paul has developed a list of questions every leader must ask themselves. The first four go hand-in-hand because they ask you to set a direction for the organization.

The next set of questions all center around who you are as an organization. Answering these questions set clear expectations regarding corporate values, customer service, and how the organization differentiates itself from its competition. Finally, the last questions ask about personal leadership philosophies and recruiting.

If a leader can articulate an answer regarding who they are as an organization, their chance of steering others towards the intended direction is much higher. ~Paul Smith

Tune in as Paul Smith walks you through the story examples and to learn why, how and when you tell them to grow your people and your purpose-driven brand.

Discussed in this Episode

  • What types of stories work and what types fall flat
  • The importance of outlining your story instead of scripting it
  • The difference between a story and an idea
  • Misconceptions around storytelling
  • The importance of doing something rather than nothing

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