Douglas Burdett

#289: 5 Lessons Learned from Over 300 Sales & Marketing Books

#289: 5 Lessons Learned from Over 300 Sales & Marketing Books

Every day it seems like a shiny new book all about marketing appears. But how do you know which ones will be the most helpful for you and your business? Which books will stand the test of time?

Douglas Burdett, Founder/Principle at ARTILLERY, and host of the extraordinary Marketing Book Podcast, shares his top five insights from reading over 300 marketing books and hosting the authors on his top-ranked show.

Tune in as Douglas shares his insights on industry trends gleaned from his readings and some surprise “must haves” for your library. 

Discussed in this Episode

  • Must-have marketing books and resources for your library
  • Why “storytelling” sometimes has a negative connotation and how to address it
  • How technology has changed the advertising and marketing world and how it may change over the next few years
  • Why empathy is the most important factor for companies to connect with audiences and customers

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