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#234: The 5 Myths Trump Uses to Wield Power

#234: The 5 Myths Trump Uses to Wield Power

Through the process of evolution, our brains have become hard-wired for story and familiarity. This is why beginning in childhood, myths and fables are irresistible regardless of your culture or upbringing. But because of their irresistibility, they can trick you into embracing something: a product, a service or a political point-of-view that is actually not in your best interest. Therefore, become familiar with proven myth structures to avoid falling victim to manipulation. And feel free to wield these powerful story structures in your own brand storytelling, but use them for good and not evil.

With me all the way from Dublin, Ireland is Sandy Dunlop, a brand building and global cultural research expert. He co-founded and runs a global branding consultancy, Alexander Dunlop Limited, where he and his team use cultural archetypes and myths to help brands define their identity and create their own “brand worlds.” Through his experience and expertise, he shares how the 45th president of the U.S., Donald Trump, uses 5 powerful myths for mass influence.

Growing up we all had a story we couldn’t get enough of. Because as humans we find emotional satisfaction in familiar repetitive stories so as a culture, we have been emotionally hard-wired for the same shared group of stories.

The most powerful memory structure in any culture is its foundational stories and myths. ~ Sandy Dunlop

Donald Trump takes advantage of this by utilizing 5 familiar myths told through red rhetoric or emotion and empathetic engagement, which allows him to tap into the fears and anger of his audience, blurring the line between myth and reality, followed by an imagined reality where he is their only solution.

He has a brilliant ability to connect with inner emotional fears, heighten them, and then offer a way out that he and only he will be able to provide. ~ Sandy Dunlop

Discussed in this Episode

  • Why some myths are more powerful than others
  • Why heuristic stories are universal to every culture
  • What is red rhetoric and blue rhetoric and the differences between them
  • Why the most iconic (and effective) brands use mythic archetypical structures
  • How brand archetypes create deeper meaning and therefore connection with customers

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