Margaret Mark & Carol Pearson – Marketing Archetype Experts

#53: How to Use Archetypes to Create Deeper Customer Connections

#53: How to Use Archetypes to Create Deeper Customer Connections

Do you know how your audience views your brand? On this Business of Story podcast, learn the definition and categories of successful brand archetypes, and how businesses can use them to create more meaning in their brand stories.

Our guests, Margaret Mark and Carol Pearson, have a lot of experience with brand archetypes development and recently wrote a book that helps people identify their personal and professional archetypes for business growth.  The Hero and the Outlaw: Building Extraordinary Brands Through the Power of Archetypes books-the-hero-and-the-outlawdissects the power of archetypes into a simple system to create powerful brand communications.

This Business of Story podcast episode features:

  • How find and activate the right archetype for you and your brand
  • Why it’s critical to be specific with your chosen archetype
  • How to connect your brand to customers with the same archetype
  • How to express your archetype through your personal and professional stories

After you’ve discovered your archetype, get started crafting your brand story with our easy, DIY-guide to a compelling professional story that sells.

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