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Big Insights from a Tiny House: Risk, Time, and Listening in Great Business Writing

#49: Big Insights from a Tiny House: Risk, Time, and Listening in Great Business Writing

Are you viewing your brand’s stories from your customers’ point of view? In our content-driven world, how your business conveys your brand message through writing matters more than ever. As more brands tell their stories online, your audience’s attention span dwindles – so do you know how to take risks with your business writing?

Ann_Handley_Everybody_Writes_business-of-story-podcastAnn Handley is known as the First Lady of content marketing and one of the most influential women of social media for more than a few reasons. She continuously shares inspiring tips on how brands can make their business writing bigger, bolder and braver:

“A bigger story puts your company in the larger context of what people care about.

A bolder marketer upends the status quo, telling a story that hits on specific challenges your audience has (but no one else is talking about in the right way for a certain audience).

Gutsier, braver voice is a differentiator in a sea of mediocre content.”

Ann Handley joins the Business of Story podcast to share advice on how to improve our business writing and become better audience-focused storytellers. Time to think bigger, bolder and braver with your content marketing.

[Did you picture Anne’s tiny house accurately? Check the photo here!]


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