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#415: How to Position Your Brand as The First, The Best, or The Only

#415: How to Position Your Brand as The First, The Best, or The Only

Are you enjoying or wouldn’t you love your brand to be considered either the first in a marketplace, the best in an industry, or the only thing like it in the world?

But that’s a tall order if you are not intentionally crafting your brand story that supports your first, best or only position.

Two of the most important considerations when sharing your brand story is to determine from your audience’s point of view…

  1. What is the risk of saying yes?
  2. What is the cost of saying no?

These two questions are essential because they help you decide which stories to tell: Those focused on an abundant mindset to help your audience overcome their fear of saying yes, or stories playing to the negative bias baggage we all carry around to underscore the cost of saying no?

We’ll sort that out today with Isabelle Mercier, co-founder and CEO of LeapZone Strategies brand crafters and one of the most inspirational branding, marketing, and customer experience keynote speakers.

Isabelle is a ‘no-nonsense’ dynamo, born to catapult passionate entrepreneurs and thought leaders to build businesses and brands designed to make life better.

As one of North America’s Top Business Influencers, bestselling author, two-time TEDx speaker with over 3.5 Million views, and online TV show host, Isabelle brings 30 years of branding, marketing, and customer experience expertise.

She has helped thousands of business owners and thought leaders, as well as some influential and iconic brands like A&W, Robeez Footwear, Earls Restaurants, IMAX Corporation, and HSBC Investments just to name a few.

Isabelle teaches how to grow businesses and brands that are designed to make life better and thrive in any economy by becoming and remaining The First, The Best, or The Only.

Discussed in this episode:

  1. The three ingredients to position your brand as the first, the best, or the only.
  2. The ONE thing Isabelle learned at 9 years old that has shaped her career.
  3. Creating brand LOVE from the Inside Out by design, not by default.
  4. The pros, cons, tradeoffs and risks of saying yes and the costs of saying no.


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