Jamie Dunham

#207: What Brand Stories Women Want to Hear

#207: What Brand Stories Women Want to Hear

According to The Lipstick Economy, women account for 85% of all consumer purchases and report controlling or influencing 73% of all household spending in the U.S. But many companies are out of touch with how to market their products or services to women.  Therefore, brands who understand and embody what women want to hear can crush their competitors.

Jamie Dunham is the President and Founder of Brand Wise, a brand strategy firm with a focus on marketing to women and building cultural relevancy. Jamie has spent many years doing research in these areas and listening to the stories that women tell.

I have found that 90 percent of women feel that brands don’t really understand them. ~ Jamie Dunham

And here is why.

The lack of authenticity in the stories that many brands tell does not resonate with women. ~Jamie Dunham

They want to hear anecdotes that are genuine, relevant and depict real women, not stereotypes. Even more, women want to hear brand stories that provide information on how the product or service will help them in their lives.

When a brand offers information that helps someone be a better mom or a better professional, they are valued as relevant and in turn, sustainable brand relationships are formed. ~Jamie Dunham

Topics Discussed in this Episode

  • What’s wrong with the stories brands are telling
  • Brand stories that women actually want to hear
  • The importance of really knowing the essence of your brand
  • How the power of story can reveal a brand’s true story
  • The importance of celebrating your brand story
  • Top recommendations on how to reframe product marketing to the female demographic
  • Why many women think brands do not understand them

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