Ryan Foland, Founder of Influence Tree

#133: How to Simplify Your Brand Story With the 3-1-3 Method

#133: How to Simplify Your Brand Story With the 3-1-3 Method

The classic elevator pitch is the best way to make someone not care about you.

There’s nothing more effective at making your audience fall asleep than a rigid, over-rehearsed, inauthentic bit about yourself, and all too many business leaders rely on one.

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Your personal brand is the most important of all, and without a proper way to convey yourself and your service, you risk being ignored.

But there are a few simple methods for you to bolster your personal brand by creating a flexible, authentic narrative for sparking interest in any situation. To learn how we’ve invited the ‘black belt of branding’ to the show.

Ryan Foland is a professional in the art of brand simplification. Founder of InfluenceTree and host of the World of Speakers Podcast. Ryan travels the globe to help leaders improve their communications.

I have teamed with Ryan to create a new ebook, The 5 Stages of Grief in Telling Your Business Story, that will launch at Social Media Marketing World during my Business of Story workshop on Wednesday, February 28.

With his innovative 3-1-3 method, Ryan can help you discover and grow your own personal brand. Tune in today and learn how reframing your personal brand can expand your influence, build stronger relationships, and boost your revenue.

In This Episode, You Will Learn

  • Ryan’s 3-1-3 Method
  • Reframing and simplifying your personal brand story

Key Quotes

‘People don’t care about what you do, they only care about the problem you solve.” – Ryan Foland

“If you are solving more than one problem, it’s easy for people to lose interest if you can’t solve either of them 100%” – Ryan Foland

“These people were pitching their ideas, but nobody was listening.” – Ryan Foland

“Everyone has a personal brand whether they know it or not. It’s what someone describes you as when you’re not in the room.” – Ryan Foland

“The best story structure of all time is ‘man goes into a hole, man gets out of the hole.’” – Park Howell

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