Mark Schenk

Mark Schenk, Managing Director of Anecdote

#127: The Business Case for Purposeful Brand Storytelling

#127 The Business Case for Purposeful Brand Storytelling

When it comes to sharing your story, there is nothing more important than creating an authentic connection. In order for the audience to live vicariously through the experiences and emotions of your story, it is critical for you to first humanize yourself and your cause.

But when the focus shifts from connections to profit gain, we lose track of what made our brand story so powerful in the first place. People. The return on investment of a well-crafted brand narrative is endless, and to demonstrate, our guest will show us just how much much money, employee engagement and credibility a good story can earn you.

Mark Schenk is the Managing Director of Anecdote, a company dedicated to helping companies effectively communicate their brand purpose through storytelling. Mark is an expert story brand marketer, helping companies from Coca-Cola to IBM.

In this episode, Mark will teach us the basics of Anecdotes workshop process, the true cost of a boring story, and the return on investment of an organization’s powerful story. To hone your business’ brand and humanize your story, tune in for this special episode.

In This Episode, You Will Learn

  • ROI of business storytelling
  • Cost of a boring story
  • How to turn your assertions and opinions into gold through the stories you tell

Key Quotes

“It turns out that when the world is complex, you need not only the right brain but also the left.” – Mark Schenk

“There is no luck in the effect that happens when establishing a connection.” – Mark Schenk

“When I say story, I do not mean made up. It needs to be real.” – Mark Schenk

“People want their story to be a movie, but what we want is the trailer. The power that comes from specific moments is incredible.” – Mark Schenk

“In story, the most important part is the why. The what doesn’t matter unless you have a why.” – Mark Schenk

“Lead with the human impact, not the data.” – Park Howell

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