Shane McLaughlin – Senior Manager of Content and Social Strategy at Walmart

#61: The Four C’s to Building Employee Advocacy Through Storytelling

#61: The Four C’s to Building Employee Advocacy Through Storytelling

I met today’s guest at Social Media Marketing World following my Business of Story workshop. We hit it off immediately. I’m honored to have Shane McLaughlin, Senior Manager, Content and Social Strategy on Business of Story.

For such a mega organization, Shane has a very down-to-earth demeanor as Senior Manager of Content and Social, helping generate and publish company stories on WalmartOne, the company’s internal communications platform. His job is to rally the troops, hear and share their stories, and connect them with the Walmart journey.

How do you tell employee stories? How do you understand, appreciate and have empathy for their stories? How do you connect on their terms to build engagement?

Shane shares how he does it: to help them get what they want, and they’ll go out of their way to help you get what you want. He unveils his four C’s to building associate advocacy. This is hugely important because, in a worldwide study, only 13% of employees are engaged.

“That’s a travesty,” he said.

Finally, we wrap the show with Shane’s insight on the power of pizza to help you capture and curate stories. I’ll leave it at that, the power of pizza. It’s so simple, you’ll knock yourself on the head and maybe even go order a pizza with extra cheese, pepperoni and story.

Key Quotes

“The goal is to create ambassadors in our workforce and to help connect them to the content that is valuable to them.” —@ShaneMcLaughlin (click to tweet)

“Content, of course, is still king because great content gets people to your site. It gets people to engage and click. It gets people to take action.” —@ShaneMcLaughlin (click to tweet)

“There’s a dual role of connection to the audience and learning from the audience and telling their story as we go.” —@ShaneMcLaughlin (click to tweet)

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