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#376: The Three Business Storytelling Habits You’ll Want to Break

#376: The Three Business Storytelling Habits You’ll Want to Break

You tell stories as a business, sales or marketing leader because you know how they connect and build your influence.

But we all default to bad storytelling habits, like telling instead of showing. Leading with NUMBers instead of drama to place your data into context. Or worse…

Today, you’ll learn from a former BBC journalist, Steve Rawling, author of the new Storytelling Tactics card deck, which bad business storytelling habits to look out for and how to overcome them.

Steve is now an international business storytelling consultant. He helps designers, entrepreneurs and academics tell great stories about their work. Steve reckons he has told over 20,000 stories in his career – so can probably help you tell yours.

Today you’ll learn several of the storytelling tactics Steve shares in his deck, including…

Discussed in this episode:

  • How to stop using long words and exhausting sentences.
  • The cure for Expertitis.
  • How to call up the momentous power of moments in your business storytelling.
  • How to fire up the theater of the mind.
  • Why you should avoid Zebra Language at all cost.
  • Why you should never discount the other side of the story.
  • The annoying storytelling habit you must break to be more influential and persuasive.


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