Christoph Trappe – The Authentic Storyteller™

How to Capitalize on Authentic Storytelling

#44: How to Capitalize on Authentic Storytelling 

Christoph Trappe is a content marketing strategist, career storyteller, author, and keynote speaker who has helped countless organizations define their position in the marketplace and tell their authentic brand stories to the world.


In this Business of Story podcast, The Authentic Storyteller™ will show us how to:

  • Tell authentic business stories with clear intent
  • Define our brand’s differentiated position in the marketplace
  • Get customers to buy-in to our brand stories and move them to act
  • Optimize our workflow for consistently crafting and sharing authentic stories

Christoph’s book, Get Real: Sharing Authentic Stories for Long-Term Success is perfect for organizations and professionals who want to share authentic brand stories and create thriving businesses. Learn more about the Authentic Storytelling Project on his website.

After listening, start crafting your compelling business story with our new storytelling strategy workbook. 

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