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#40: How to Craft Inspirational Stories

#40: How to Craft Inspirational Stories

Your brand storytelling strategy and business success come down to this: Tell the right story to the right people at the right time. In this week’s Business of Story podcast, Tamsen Webster will show you how to deliver powerful business stories to your ideal customers that move your audience to act.

First, you’ll need to really know your brand’s customers and what motivates them. Audience personas are pivotal, but it’s equally important to know your customers’ needs, goals, and what drives them to act.  Tamsen calls this motivation-based marketing, and it’s the most efficient way to resonate with your audience by appealing to what motivates them to purchase. In this podcast, Tamsen shares three big components you need in your sales funnel that will compel your audience to buy from your brand.

Tamsen Webster is a messaging consultant, presentation coach, speaker, writer, Executive Producer of TEDx Cambridge and Senior VP of Oratium. Oratium is a boutique messaging consulting firm that works with businesses to develop, refine and deliver their sales, marketing and business communication messages. Learn more about Tamsen’s work on her website.

After listening, start crafting your compelling business story with our new storytelling strategy workbook.

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