Joe Pulizzi – Author, Speaker & Founder of Content Marketing Institute

How to Create Stories That Resonate

#51: How to Create Stories That Resonate

Is there a better way to share and embody your brand story than through content marketing? No, there’s not. Content marketing is one of the best ways businesses utilize storytelling marketing strategies to connect with customers, build trust and ultimately, drive sales. On this Business of Story podcast featuring content marketing evangelist Joe Pulizzi, founder of Content Marketing Institute, learn how to write stories that resonate with customers.

Content-Inc-joe-pulizziMany brands are unsure where to spend time and effort online. One of Joe’s biggest tips for marketers is to simplify marketing strategies. This means brands should be spending more time and effort on a few channels consistently. Being everywhere and not making an impact is one of the biggest follies marketers still make today. Above all, be patient. Building engaged audiences that convert to new business takes time.

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