Pete Walsh & Ray Artigue

#251: Family Business and Crisis Communications Through COVID-19

#251: Family Business and Crisis Communications Through COVID-19

As a pandemic continues to hold the world captive, many of us are navigating circumstances we have never encountered on a daily basis. This can cause mental fatigue, leading to poor communication and response practices.But our response to this current crisis – or any future crisis – is crucial for mitigation and recovery. Just like the old saying about the glass half empty or half full, our perspectives of a circumstance have a huge impact on the outcome. In this episode you will learn from two experts who share how to mitigate the blow of any crisis and strengthen relationships within your organization and your family (and for some, that is one and the same)!

Discussed in this Episode

  • Trends in family businesses during COVID-19
  • Examples of healthy responses to the crisis within family businesses
  • Why now is more important than ever to reflect on your current and future brand story
  • Common crisis communication mistakes and why they are made
  • Tips and ideas for how to prepare a crisis communication plan

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