Kat Greenbrook

#451: How to Create Business Impact With Your Data Storytelling

#451: How to Create Business Impact With Your Data Storytelling

Have you ever found yourself lost in space, and by space I mean the vacuous void between creating meaning with data either you are trying to communicate or someone is laying on you?

The problem is when we don’t use stories to create context for our numbers, we confuse the mind with what I call the “Malaise of metrics.”

In this episode, you’ll learn how to turn your data into drama and your statistics into stories so people understand what you’re trying to communicate with your numbers to create a real impact on the growth of your business.

Kat Greenbrook is a Data Storyteller from New Zealand and the author of the new book, The Data Storytellers Handbook: How to Create Business Impact Using Data Storytelling.

She is a consultant, workshop facilitator, industry speaker, and founder of the data storytelling company Rogue Penguin. With a unique blend of science, business, and design, she empowers data professionals to communicate data effectively through storytelling

In this conversation, Kat discusses the importance of data storytelling and effective communication in the field of data analytics.

She shares her personal journey of realizing the need for better communication and transitioning from data visualization to data storytelling.

Kat explains her definition of data storytelling and provides examples of how it can be used to create impact in organizations.

She also outlines the key steps in the data storytelling process and emphasizes the role of the ABT (And, But, Therefore) narrative structure.

Discussed in this episode:

  1. Data storytelling is the process of communicating a data-derived message through narrative.
  2. Effective data storytelling requires understanding the audience, defining the message, and using visuals to support the narrative.
  3. The ABT (And, But, Therefore) narrative structure is a powerful tool in data storytelling.
  4. Data storytelling is essential for communicating the value and insights of data analysis to stakeholders.
  5. Context is crucial in data storytelling, as it helps the audience understand the significance and implications of the data.


  • 00:00 Introduction and Background
  • 02:52 Definition of Data Storytelling
  • 05:11 The Importance of Effective Communication
  • 08:12 Realization of the Need for Better Communication
  • 09:50 Transition to Data Visualization
  • 12:20 Discovery of the ABT Narrative Structure
  • 15:47 Key Steps in Data Storytelling Process
  • 19:31 Examples of Effective Data Storytelling
  • 22:10 The Power of Data Storytelling
  • 28:34 The Importance of Context in Data Storytelling
  • 32:23 The Role of the ABT Structure in Data Storytelling
  • 36:12 Example of Data Storytelling Using ABT
  • 39:44 The Significance of Storytelling in Data Communication
  • 43:39 Where to Find More Information
  • 44:07 Origin of the Name ‘Rogue Penguin’

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