Sandra Younger, Author of Fire Outside My Window

#124: How to Turn Your Stories of Loss Into an Empowering Legacy

#124: How to Turn Your Stories of Loss Into an Empowering Legacy

For those of us who have experienced a great loss or traumatic event, waking up the next day and continuing life might seem an impossible task.

Trauma shakes us to our very core, and overcoming such an emotional impact on our psyche is a monumental challenge unlike any other. When there’s a struggle for survival happening within our mind, how can we possibly prevail?

The answer is to use our one true superpower. Utilizing our personal experience to create an authentic, emotionally powerful story.

Storytelling is a tool that is valuable in almost every situation, and relieving the pain of trauma is no different. Our guest today will show us that tragedy and loss can be conquered by using stories.

Sandra Millers Younger is the author of The Fire Outside My Window and founder of ComeBACK Solutions. A survivor of the 2003 Cedar Wildfire, Sandra’s experience with loss and resilience has helped people around the world change from a victim into a victor. She created the ComeBACK Formula to provide practice and insight for disaster situations and help anyone develop their resiliency.

Sandra will share with us today that resilience is a muscle to be strengthened, trauma is part of a hero’s journey, and how both are critical towards overcoming our personal challenges and turning a loss into legacy.

In This Episode, You Will Learn

  • The five steps of Sandra’s ComeBACK Formula and how you can use them in your life
  • How to choose to be the victor over, rather than the victim of, a loss or tragedy
  • And how our signature story is usually our comeback story

Key Quotes

“When I came out of this fire, I realized I was a storyteller that had come out of the worst struggle of my story.” – Sandra Miller Younger

“There’s nothing like losing your possessions to remind yourself what’s truly important.” – Sandra Miller Younger

“There was a choice, not what happened to us but what we made of it.” – Sandra Miller Younger

“We are genetically predisposed to be grateful. It recalibrates our mindset to be positive.” – Sandra Miller Younger

“The past can never come back, as much as we wish it would. You can choose to be the victim, or you can choose to be the hero.” – Sandra Miller Younger

“More than just a story came out of this experience, you built your life on this journey.” – Park Howell

“Patience is critical. The more we struggle in quicksand, the faster we sink.” – Park Howell

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