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#270: Behavioral Health Marketing Secrets for Engaging Virtual Events

#270: Behavioral Health Marketing Secrets for Engaging Virtual Events

As a business leader you know that conferences are extremely valuable for your organization’s growth and performance. These are opportunities to expand your employees’ knowledge and skills, connect with industry leaders, and build camaraderie with colleagues. The more inspiring your training is – which is largely virtual these days – the greater your talent retention and growth of your ROI.

But your people experience “ZOOM fatigue” regardless of which online platform you’re using.

I equate it to a Turkish prison visit. Your people are imprisoned at home remotely connecting through the virtual plexiglass divider. Captivating your audience’s attention online is vexing, especially when they’re wearing multiple hats of caregiver, educator, employee and warden.

Chief Marketing Officer for Embark Behavioral Health, Thomas Ahern, shares how to connect with your audiences on a deep, emotional level and engage them with your marketing whether you’re hosting a virtual or in-person event.

Discussed in this Episode

  • How storytelling allows for a reframing a selling to helping mindset
  • How separation from a caregiver at a young age affects and re-wires the brain
  • How storytelling prioritizes and encourages empathy and integrity in marketing
  • How to keep your audience captivated during virtual events and conferences
  • Thomas’ advice for how marketers, content creators, and storytellers can get their products and services recognized by customers

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