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#266: How to Find Your Brand Story of Identity and Purpose

#266: How to Find Your Brand Story of Identity and Purpose

Mass media has coerced many of us to believe that money and power will result in happiness. Even worse, it promotes reaching this at all costs regardless of who may be hurt in the process. But levels of depression and anxiety are higher now than ever, and those who reach this idea of “success” are often left feeling empty—resulting in a lost sense of what it means to be human. So I have asked actor, director, and producer, Peter Horton, to explain why shifting our current value system from money and power to identity and purpose can heal humanity.

Discussed in this Episode

  • The lessons in communication that business people and leaders of purpose-driven brands can learn from Hollywood  to better shape their organization, their communities and help to close the divide
  • Why your chances of success are dramatically higher if you prioritize finding your identity and purpose over money and power
  • Why Peter believes there is a need for a re-orientation of our current values and a re-orientation of how we perceive and value one’s purpose 
  • In what ways the arts helps remind us all what it means to be human and why that is essential to our existence
  • Advice on how to find your identity and purpose and a candid look at how Peter found his

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