Charlotte Vitak, Founder of My Story Project

#125: How to Find Your Story to Create a New Beginning in 2018

#125: How to Find Your Story to Create a New Beginning in 2018

Throughout the past 124 episodes of The Business of Story podcast, we have focused on helping you find your story and communicate it to the best of your ability.

Telling your own authentic narrative is one of the most important skills in any aspect of your life. Creating your own story is critical, but what if it was possible to use your story to help others craft their own?

What if your story was so compelling, it was able to inspire the people around you to reveal their true, vulnerable selves? You are absolutely able to change the people around you with your own story, and joining us is a young professional who inspired this change in colleges around the world.

Charlotte Vitak is the creative mind behind the My Story Community. Started in San Diego during her freshman year of college, the My Story Community has been used and adapted by universities to not only create a platform for aspiring storytellers but also to build communities through shared experiences.

Her business has also inspired the creation of other story-centered organizations, and she has helped host and speak at a number of events to help audiences build their own story. Her process focuses on the value of listening and empathizing, having the courage to tell your authentic story, and how patience is a powerful tool for letting your story unfold at your own pace. Join us today for a very special New Years episode, and have a fantastic 2018!

In This Episode, You Will Learn

  • The importance of listening and empathy long before you begin telling your story
  • The power of having the guts to be authentic and vulnerable, and how to make your story as clear as it can possibly 
  • The power of patience to allow your story to unfold at is pace, not yours.

Key Quotes

“It was a real moment of urgency. I realized the only person that can make a difference in my experience is me.” – Charlotte Vitak

“I spent so much time thinking of myself and what I wanted, I wasn’t grateful for what I had.” – Charlotte Vitak

“There’s this quality the stories have that amplify a voice that isn’t being listened too, and in turn, the audience feels listened too.” – Charlotte Vitak

“The more vulnerable and honest you are able to be with yourself, the more your audience will connect.” – Charlotte Vitak

“All stories start with empathy.” – Park Howell

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