Glenn Marvin & Shawn Callahan

#249: How to Flex Your Brand Story During COVID-19

#249: How to Flex Your Brand Story During COVID-19

Regardless of the continent in which you live, you are feeling the effects of Coronavirus.  And with an increasing number of countries under quarantine,  you may wonder how professionals from across the globe are working through this uncertainty.

But, as we shelter in place our worlds can seem smaller. How are others coping? What can I do now to remain safe and sane? What’s another perspective on this perplexing situation we find ourselves in?

So, I have asked my colleagues from down under: Glenn Marvin, founder of Konnector in Aukland, and Shawn Callahan, co-founder of Anecdote in Melbourne, to provide their perspectives on the Coronavirus and the work they’re doing to grow their companies and raise their spirits.

Discussed in this Episode

  • Ideas for ways that brands can make an impact on a local and global level during this time of crisis
  • The importance of creating content for social media during this time and creative ideas for how to do so
  • Why now is the perfect time to start your side hustle
  • Ideas for increasing your focus and lowering your stress during this time of crisis
  • How Anecdote is responding to the crisis
  • Ideas for how to cut down on expenses during this time

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